15 Music Room Decor ideas for under $50

Music Room Ideas 

15 Music Room Decor ideas for under $50

 We have looked far and wide for some of the best music decor ideas to brighten up your music room! We tried our best to find quality ideas for under $50. Check out what we found and we know that you will enjoy!



 Music Shelves

Theses floating music shelves with simple musical note design, as home decoration give you a fresh and chic feeling!  great to put music books on decor and so much more. Great for any music lover or musician!

Check it out here!

Music Wall Art

This beautiful piece music wall art is inspiring and perfect for any music room. Easy to hang and enjoy!

Check it out here!


Music Blanket

This two layer woven cotton throw was made in the USA by Manual Woodworkers and Weavers who has been making quality products since 1932. It features muscial notes and symbols and a piano keyboard. Allow your passion for music to harmonize in your decor with this striking tapestry throw.Great to put in a music room on a couch or chair or to wrap yourself up in listening to your favorite music.
You can find this comfy music throw blanket here!

Music Wall Clock

This simple and unique music notes shape clock is made with mature craftsmanship, this will definitely be another beautiful scene in your room and great to keep the beat of the music with!
Check out this clock here! 

Music Note Sculpture

These music note sculptures are perfect for the home or office decoration. Having this beautiful piece can enhance the beauty of any music room.
Find these beautiful sculptures here!

Guitar Hooks

Add some guitar hooks to your music room! These creative guitar shaped hooks help decorate your room with personality and make your life like a piece of beautiful music. A durable hook that will catch your eye and you house guests to!
Check these hooks out here!

Music Wall Art

Music Is Good for The Heart and The Soul. Music Speaks Framed Wall Decor Features a Cream Background, a Black Frame, and A Glass Front with Gorgeous Script and Music Notes Incorporated in A Printed Piano Design. Hang It in a Room Where You Practice Your Instrument of Choice, and Showcase Your Musical Style!

Check this beautiful piece of wall art here!


Music Rug

A beautiful rug that will make any music room pop! show your love of music not just on the walls but also on the floor with this quality and durable music rug.
Find the rug here!

Music Lamp

Tired of the roughly dark lamps or strip lights? This musical note lamp has a unique sleek appearance, color changing music note with a modern look! Find this music lamp here!
This lamp would be perfect to play your favorite music to.

Music Lamp

A cute neon night light,with a musical note shape,is the latest and ideal eye catching indoor decoration.Like a elegant notation dancing around you,it creates neat  neon glowing light for your table, kitchen, living room,wall, etc.A great price and a beautiful piece.
Click here to see more!

Music Knobs

Cool Music Notes Ceramic Knob
If you love redecorating and like to be handy, brighten up your music room with these music note knobs.  perfect for drawers or cabinets filled with music books or music supplies!

Music Candle

Monogram 3
Bring a little beauty and elegance to your music room with these customized and personalized music candles! A perfect and unique to of music decor!

Music Note Playing Cards

Treble Clef Bicycle Playing Cards
Looking to play some games rather then music? Enjoy this fun deck of music cards.

Music Note Light Switch Cover

Vintage Old Music Notes Paper Texture Light Switch Cover
If you like to be handy and bring a unique piece of music decor to your room, you can change your light switch plate cover to a music note switch plate cover!

Music Pillow

Enhance your music room couch or chair with the music decor pillow! A beautiful pillow that is perfect for any musician, or music lover!
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